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Hub Available 
To Hire

We have a modern-looking rooms for hire in Worthing with Kitchen. This is available during the week Monday to Friday. TV and presentation equipment available at an extra cost. 


Availability: Weekday Monday to Friday. Hire Costs: £20 per hour including Beverages & Biscuits.

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This venue is suitable for the following occasions.

  • Party

  • Reunion

  • Training

  • Local Community Meeting

  • Societies and Clubs

  • Educational Pursuits

  • Church Event / Choir Practice

  • Corporate Events

Contact us about the costs of this room;

Lynn on


Separate Small Room - Ideal for Office Space or Counselling and Coaching 

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Neil - Breakeven

As A Breakeven Practitioner, who had the chance to use one of the rooms, I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the wonderful service and the hospitality of Kevin & Lynn.

During the 18-Months of room rental, there was never an issue with accessibility and privacy. The facility is always clean and managed well with good lighting, wi-fi connection and heating and air conditioning.

I would like to wish the Pause community Hub all the best in your future projects.

Come To The Table 

This venue is a great place to meet in small groups. We have been meeting here for sometime now and it is a great place to relax and be comfortable. To be able to feel at home, as the rooms are very well decorated. There was good access to the kitchen area and drinks were available and alternative milks. And the there is a variety of Squashes.

Vision Day Course

We hired this venue and it was perfect for the size group we had on the day. We were able to use the wifi and the screens. The room was easily changeable to make the room capable of different types of set ups. Round tables cafe style, Tressle tables for course work and seating for cinema layout. It was great because drinks were included in the price.

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