Frequently Asked Questions

How Many People Can I Fit Into The Hub When I Hire It ?

At the moment with Social Distancing in place you can have a Maximum of Seven People. As that changes we Can Have up to a Maximum Of 20 People at One Time.

What Is It You Do Here ?

The Pause Community Hub is a welcoming place for people within the community to take a pause out of their busy day, for a coffee/tea or cold drink. We do run Communtiy groups, Interest groups which consist of Hobbies, Support groups, Faith Groups and Teaching.

Who Is The Pause Community Hub For ?

The Pause Community Hub is available to anyone.

Do You Serve Food And Drink ?

We Serve Hot and Cold Drinks and occasionally biscuits, but not Food.

Do You Have Toilet Facilities ?

Yes We Do.

Has the building got Disabled access ?

Yes, We have a bell to ring at the front if any one needs assistance so that one of us can bring out and set up the ramp for you. We allow assistance/guide dogs inside. We have ramps to get to the bathroom and a risen toilet.

How do I enquire about Hiring the Hub ?

The details of being able to hire the hub and who to get in contact with is on the Upcoming Events page on this website.

With the current Social Distancing due to Covid-19 what measures have you put into place to protect your visitors?

We have 1 metre Social Distancing in place, we have rearranged the seating to allow for this. Every table will have Hand sanitiser available for people to use and will be encouraged to do so. Also the Pause Community Hub will be cleaned throughly every day. There will be a limit to the amount of people able to come in to allow us to do this.

How much does it cost for a drink at the Hub ?

We are mostly Donation based but we do ask if you have more than one drink that you pay a small charge.

How much does it cost to attend the groups ?

Each group has a small fee, starting from £4 to £10 per person depending on the group, all groups include tea/coffee or cold drinks , in some of the groups this includes materials.

Do you have free WiFi ?

We do have free WiFi available in the hub for visitors to use.

When will you be open to the public again ?

We are Open from Tuesday 18th May to the public 10- 4. The groups will be starting up again in that same week please look on the events page to see whats on and when.